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3, 2, 1… lumière! Light + Building 2018 opens its doors

Light more Building approach. The biennial fair focused in any kind of lighting, industrial, commercial, office or atmosphere, takes place at the Frankfurt fair. We will be at the opening on Sunday, March 18, 2018

But what happens to the sector of light? We have found for you a strong trend in the circular, the full disk, ring, spiral, all possibilities exist. Of course they cohabit with others, his sister the line is also very present, particularly appreciated in architecture…I wonder if it would not be the opportunity to see a world that turns rounder ? Forms are available thanks the evolution of sources, smaller, more supple. However to always keep in mind those lamps holders must allow the (hot) Led to aerate, because if it warms, it loses in efficiency. Demonstration in images where are visible the effects produced.

Palpable light. Kazuhiro Yamanaka has pushed the boundaries of the expected rigidity of light, with his Collapsible Moon edition Pallucco. Like soft watches of Dali, it is possible to feel light as a matter.

Collapsible Moon, Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Palluco.

Magic trick. “To know how to produce such a ring, both thin and light, we turned to bicycle manufacturers!”, says Ernesto Gismondi of Artemide. Thus was born Discovery. A lightweight disc where the light arises from a surface yet transparent. This applies (or suspension), when It’s off it only displays his metal strapping.

Discovery, Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide

Poetic planet. Henry Bursztyn pulled his idea of the little Prince and appointed his planet of one of its elements, B612. The ingenuity of this structure, available in different sizes, is based on his three rings, which align or create the volume at the good will of its owner.

B612, Henry Bursztyn

Hypnotic spiral. Ornament in all circumstances, the ceiling item Swirl has a distinct presence if it is turned on (as well as his table version). Its composition of spiral winding produces an effect without excess.


Swirl, Øivind Slaatto, Le Klint

Swirl, Øivind Slaatto, Le Klint

Collar of shirt. Morten Voss drew Aeon Rocket for Lightyears (Republic of Fritz Hansen), a suspension in several dimensions. It combines tubes cut in polypropylene bevel and a metal envelope, recalling the shirt collars, strawberries in the past.

Aeon Rocket, Morten Voss, Lightyears

Alliances. The ring produced by Occhio is out with his classic, its only ball we know. It swaps its solid shape for a successful ring test with shiny metal coating, but it remains unfinished, slightly open, giving it the look of a jewel.


The eye on the piece. At Axo light, Timo Ripatti sign U-Light models, offering circles of aluminium for suspensions or wall lights, with dimmer. Other small circles inside suggest that an eye out there

U-Light, de Timo Ripatti, Axolight

The end clap. Icon planned some opening wall lights, black or white, model Caveau. The light (recessed) comes from the wall if the porthole opens and if it finds itself imprisoned by its closure. Bravo!

Caveau , Icone

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