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  • Design leasure, time for families

    By Elda Forest on 18 February 2014
    Yes, Paris has it!  We are honored to tell you that in the very center of Paris, there is a kid friendly’s place, but not only, it is also supporting the wellbeing of their parents. So, if as a tourist or a Parisian, you had no idea of where to gather the pleasure of everyone in the family at the […]
  • Colored Hospitality

    By Elda Forest on 27 August 2010
    The Pantone Hotel in Brussels represents the largest window to the color specialist. After so many design products, such as the Pantone Mugs of easy access, mostly in cultural environments and many design retailers, it is now possible to get a Pantone room. Everyone (because prices were maintained reasonable), has an opportunity to choose his space for a night according to […]
  • Le Monde, lighting the world

    By Elda Forest on 25 April 2010
    A soft denonciation of the Press censure has been imagined by the French artist Marc Ash in a plane as he was back on a trip after 15 days without official news. The paper Le Monde (so it is titled Eclairer Le Monde – hear Unlight the World) as its cover suddenly was unlighted by the sun upper the clouds, […]