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  • When desk is happy

    By Laure Carsalade on 26 November 2017
    The redesign of Artdesk Office   The workspace concept studio Artdesk in Paris is using for its own space the Herman Miller’s principles which are its clients late recommendations. It creates a universe of references, the zoning system is a direct application of the Office Living (go to the link to know more about the 10 notable activities and their […]
  • What dishes for tomorrow ?

    By Laure Carsalade on 29 October 2016
    “At Sial, the annual fair of International Food, two main trends were obvious. A growing number of packaging showing an ingredients list similar to a doctor’s prescription, and an art of presentation that appeals other senses.“ In October 2016 happened the Sial in Paris, the meeting that gives a vision of food’s orientations, in an international prospective within the contract […]
  • Mirra 2, the next

    By Laure Carsalade on 19 May 2014
    After the launch of the working chair Mirra 10 years ago, Herman Miller confirms its initial success (1.5 million sales) as the American series, with a second episode: Mirra 2. Mirra 2 by Herman Miller is no longer the same seat as the Mirra, although its genetic identity is recognizable, but a newcomer on the market with optimistic colors. It […]
  • Imaginary office stories

    By Laure Carsalade on 15 June 2013
    Office is one the best backgrounds for projections, both supporting imagination and nevertheless very concrete, circumscribed in a materialized object, the desk. According to creative people, we wondered what it could look like, without any purpose of use. In France, philosophy taught us lessons about the importance of staying busy, quoting Voltaire, how “work banishes those three great evils: boredom, […]
  • Floor diversion

    By Laure Carsalade on 30 May 2013
    Materials are indeed a source of experiments for designers. Signatures of the young generation entertained us thanks to an unusual use of Tarketts floor coverings, in a childhood poetic exercise, titled “Upside down ground”. 5.5 Designers’ piece of furniture came out of an observation, one’s propensity to spontaneously sit on the ground against the couch. The black result is a […]
  • Living outdoor

    By Laure Carsalade on 3 September 2010
    On both a residential and on a contemporary hospitality plans (a tendancies lab), there was still one space left, the outside. Outdoor living is a phenomenon whici extends its domain to more and more activities, resting, celebrating, cooking… stimulating the manufacturers.   Dowload our furniture special selection D.ON.S_Outdoor2009-VF (full version only in French)
  • Solid Surface for free shapes

    By Laure Carsalade on 15 August 2010
    Three realizations of microarchitecture in an organic mode, give an example of the formal possibilities of Solid Surface material. Mold to obtain great curves, its touch is soft and smooth, and the junction of the pieces makes it almost invisible. A trend likes it in white color as if in a laboratory, to keep the idea of its hygienical properties. […]
  • Art directing space

    By Laure Carsalade on 4 August 2010
    Krijn de Koning has this very special touch in his Art which is much more related to Architecture than Sculpture. Wherever he is called to dwell an historical monument, he is to take visitors in a sensorial experience, authorizing them to walk into the new configuration he designed for the site. He plans a deconstruction in order to, as a […]
  • Lines to follow

    By Laure Carsalade on 15 May 2010
    A retrospective extract from the great Portuguese artistic foundation Calouste Gulbekian made possible to watch the variations of the line from drawings to tridimensional objects: Le fil conducteur (The connecting thread). May in Paris was then the opportunity to admire pieces exploring the expression and materialization of the wire. Evoking words, textile, path, geometry, architecture, the experiment of languages from […]
  • Le laboratoire, a dreams producer

    By Laure Carsalade on 12 May 2010
    The future may be happening… now! It is the proposal of any event host by the unusual space Le Laboratoire in Paris. It mixes together scientists to artists, and here also architecture, the agency R&Sie(n) runned by François Roche, to give an orientation of what could be the concept of programmation for individual inhabitats if only we could get their […]