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Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes

Author archive for Niels Denon

  • Designer’s Days, short stories

    By Niels Denon on 2 September 2010
    The Designer’s Days event gather a few days in June showrooms in Paris, in order to let people know more about the design discipline, collaborating with furniture and mode creative signatures. The initiative was celebrating its 10th anniversary, opened around 66 places for scenographic presentations. A perfume of tales and theater was in the atmosphere. Feel it in eight pictures. […]
  • ecodesign – Silvia Barbero, Brunella Cozzo

    By Niels Denon on 8 June 2010
    The ecodesign book is an ecological belief in the future, at least a strong suggestion of what could be tomorrow if only some considerations would be part of the industrial production. Thanks to a catalog of everyday human tools and services, from home appliances to shared objects of services and transport means, the idea is to think each novelty as […]
  • Designing Design – Kenya Hara

    By Niels Denon on 4 April 2010
    Designing Design explores the nothingness, an asiatic concept that supports creations, where white is used as an escape from colours, to leave a greater place for the material. The strengh of the book by Kenya Hara is the richness of experiences he organized and which are well illustrated here. More than a text, this artistic object is an invitation to travel […]