Design scénique, mise en scène de l'espace, histoires en coulisses

Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes


  • Orgatec 2018, good vibes at work, Italian style

    By Fulvio Bertocci on 23 October 2018
    How is the office doing today? It seems to be flexible, energetic and cosy… unsurprisingly, obeying to the urge of homy style that has been on for about 6 years, but significant at this time. The biennial fair about office furniture and planning is taking place as usually, in Koln, from the 23th till the 27th, October. For the curious […]
  • 3, 2, 1… lumière! Light + Building 2018 opens its doors

    By Fulvio Bertocci on 17 March 2018
    Light more Building approach. The biennial fair focused in any kind of lighting, industrial, commercial, office or atmosphere, takes place at the Frankfurt fair. We will be at the opening on Sunday, March 18, 2018 But what happens to the sector of light? We have found for you a strong trend in the circular, the full disk, ring, spiral, all […]
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  • What dishes for tomorrow ?

    By Laure Carsalade on 29 October 2016
    “At Sial, the annual fair of International Food, two main trends were obvious. A growing number of packaging showing an ingredients list similar to a doctor’s prescription, and an art of presentation that appeals other senses.“ In October 2016 happened the Sial in Paris, the meeting that gives a vision of food’s orientations, in an international prospective within the contract […]
  • Living outdoor

    By Laure Carsalade on 3 September 2010
    On both a residential and on a contemporary hospitality plans (a tendancies lab), there was still one space left, the outside. Outdoor living is a phenomenon whici extends its domain to more and more activities, resting, celebrating, cooking… stimulating the manufacturers.   Dowload our furniture special selection D.ON.S_Outdoor2009-VF (full version only in French)
  • Designer’s Days, short stories

    By Niels Denon on 2 September 2010
    The Designer’s Days event gather a few days in June showrooms in Paris, in order to let people know more about the design discipline, collaborating with furniture and mode creative signatures. The initiative was celebrating its 10th anniversary, opened around 66 places for scenographic presentations. A perfume of tales and theater was in the atmosphere. Feel it in eight pictures. […]
  • Design ? No ! Progetti, si.

    By Laure Carsalade on 4 April 2010
    Because DESIGN has no more a plain and full meaning according to Enzo Mari, the man of all creations, he decided to bannish the word from his vocabulary. Projects is the real designation of his work, and with Gabriele Pezzini, they had a common exhibition in Paris in a small art gallery last february. We were lucky enough to meet […]