Design scénique, mise en scène de l'espace, histoires en coulisses

Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes


  • Design leasure, time for families

    By Elda Forest on 18 February 2014
    Yes, Paris has it!  We are honored to tell you that in the very center of Paris, there is a kid friendly’s place, but not only, it is also supporting the wellbeing of their parents. So, if as a tourist or a Parisian, you had no idea of where to gather the pleasure of everyone in the family at the […]
  • Floor diversion

    By Laure Carsalade on 30 May 2013
    Materials are indeed a source of experiments for designers. Signatures of the young generation entertained us thanks to an unusual use of Tarketts floor coverings, in a childhood poetic exercise, titled “Upside down ground”. 5.5 Designers’ piece of furniture came out of an observation, one’s propensity to spontaneously sit on the ground against the couch. The black result is a […]