Design scénique, mise en scène de l'espace, histoires en coulisses

Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes


  • When desk is happy

    By Laure Carsalade on 26 November 2017
    The redesign of Artdesk Office   The workspace concept studio Artdesk in Paris is using for its own space the Herman Miller’s principles which are its clients late recommendations. It creates a universe of references, the zoning system is a direct application of the Office Living (go to the link to know more about the 10 notable activities and their […]
  • Colored Hospitality

    By Elda Forest on 27 August 2010
    The Pantone Hotel in Brussels represents the largest window to the color specialist. After so many design products, such as the Pantone Mugs of easy access, mostly in cultural environments and many design retailers, it is now possible to get a Pantone room. Everyone (because prices were maintained reasonable), has an opportunity to choose his space for a night according to […]
  • Solid Surface for free shapes

    By Laure Carsalade on 15 August 2010
    Three realizations of microarchitecture in an organic mode, give an example of the formal possibilities of Solid Surface material. Mold to obtain great curves, its touch is soft and smooth, and the junction of the pieces makes it almost invisible. A trend likes it in white color as if in a laboratory, to keep the idea of its hygienical properties. […]