Design scénique, mise en scène de l'espace, histoires en coulisses

Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes

Designer’s Days, short stories

The Designer’s Days event gather a few days in June showrooms in Paris, in order to let people know more about the design discipline, collaborating with furniture and mode creative signatures. The initiative was celebrating its 10th anniversary, opened around 66 places for scenographic presentations. A perfume of tales and theater was in the atmosphere. Feel it in eight pictures.

Postal card 1

Postal card 1

The noble sense of service by Bulthaup – The kitchen manufacturer Bulthaup had Stéphanie Balini and Théophile Besson as stage directors to highlight the status of deluxe service. They collaborated with designers such as Domeau and Pérès to create a leather apron, and with Michel Carel to make a bird sculpture accessory holding a towel.



Carte Postale 2

Postal Card 2

Oberflex & Marotte, the enchanted palace – The Lieu du Design presented a Cakedesign structure, made of cubes covered with wood as the old children games (in Oberflex products), leading to a special room, containing haute couture pieces of Marotte from Lacroix design.



Carte Postale 3

Postal Card 3

Poltrona Frau : termites’ throne – Designer François Azambourg got the idea of expressing the chair of power by taking an original natural termites’ nest from Africa (after inhabitants had deserted it, of course!). It was surrounded by 10 historical chairs of real Poltrona. Roche Bobois, camouflage – Author of ten new commandments for a thought conception, with the couture designer José Lévy, Roche Bobois would say, « You shalt pay homage to the achievements of the past ». Illustration: the Parisian Collection diner table was made of the same wood, as if extracted, as the floor!



Carte Postale 4

Postal Card 4

Novoceram, Mister X faces – The 10 personalities of Mister X, a Parisian character, was the basis of Francesco Catalano’s concept from Novoceram. There parallel lives, half cartoon and half schizophrenic spirit, would recall the simplicity of fitting of its flotting ceramic floor system, as easy to change as one’s mood.



Carte Postale 5

Postal Card 5

B&B Italia’s cinema – The B&B and Silvera space became a hotel projection, thanks to the idea of Philippe Boisselier. Sucess movies from old Cinecitta were making the rooms, lounge etc. alive. The belief that the scenes were really happening in 3D was not so far. Maxalto, share the intimacy – Marie Christine Dorner exposed the decade using 10 niches inhabited by Maxalto furniture and accessories in an intimate and poetic atmosphere, catching an memory in just a few words.



Carte Postale 6

Postal Card 6

Institut suédois: S. Bernadotte, the actor’s dream – The installation of Broberg & Ridderstrale (BRDA) was honoring Sigvard Bernadotte, member of the Royal Family in Sweden, with French origins. His forbidden dream was to be…an actor. As a Prince, he turned out to become a pioneer in industrial design, with as a partner, the danish Architect Acton Bjorn since 1950. Curator of the exhibition, Cathrine von Hauswolff.

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