Design scénique, mise en scène de l'espace, histoires en coulisses

Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes

ecodesign – Silvia Barbero, Brunella Cozzo

The ecodesign book is an ecological belief in the future, at least a strong suggestion of what could be tomorrow if only some considerations would be part of the industrial production.

Edition trilingue Ullmann publishing, publication 2009. DR.

Edition trilingue Ullmann publishing, publication 2009. DR.

Thanks to a catalog of everyday human tools and services, from home appliances to shared objects of services and transport means, the idea is to think each novelty as a reduced carbon production, made in minimum volumes and material, including its packaging and recyclable and effectively reused, and possibly, a necessity. Don’t you think necessity should be its first quality, be certain of the utility to launch on the market a new material existence, which also implies the researches could be out of a profitable cycle? If we are not sure all products entries deserve the palm of ethical equity, some pieces are aesthetic, we must admit our pleasure to get so many concepts and objects in one book, very well illustrated and giving links to designers and manufacturers. So ideas can be followed in time.

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