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Kacper Hamilton enriches Ballantine’s aged flavors

Can Theater help to develop senses? Yes, answers Kacper Hamilton in three questions. Time is key, you have to consider and celebrate the 12 years maturity of the beverage. His bespoke glasses, invented for a limited edition, appear like a prescription… in moderation.

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Where are your roots as a designer?
Creativity came very young I must say. As a boy, I could drawing and then could go and make it. I studied in London at the St Martin College of Art and Design, in work, furniture… I ended in 2008 with a series called Seven Deadly glasses. Each one is about enjoying sins in a good way: drinking in them, gives you expressions related to each state. Well exposed throughout Europe.

How did you fit to this Spirit universe?
The approach was about Whisky, not specifically about the glass; for 4 month we had meetings about the project and eventually I developed the concept. Equilibrium had to refer to the subtle balanced flavor of a Ballantine’s, quite soft and delicate. There was also a main point about sharing: you have to get to the Carafe to take each glass and poor it, which bring people together. First of all, the reason why there is a whole in the glass is you can enjoy the whisky with an element of risk. It gives you the idea that you could spill the liquid, so it gets you more concentrated, you can feel the weight of the drink, the glass has been made very light. You really have a chance to look at it and to smell it. It is a way to be immerged in the experience. Thanks to the central chimney, more air come through, it helps tasting good. And the base is supposed to give the freshness of the ice without melting water in the drink that could injure the taste. It is more premium, more luxury… expected for a twelve to fifteen years beverage.


Croquis pour le projet Ballantine’s. Courtesy K. Hamilton.

Croquis pour le projet Ballantine’s. Courtesy K. Hamilton.

Set Whisky Ballantine’s, Kacper Hamilton

Set in limited edition of a 12 years old Whisky. Courtesy Ballantine’s, design Kacper Hamilton


What is the link between all of your projects?
People noticed an essential fact in all my work, it is a sense of ritual. How you use something, how you may renew the ritual, to get more involved, more focused. There is also another element: a glass supports a story; it can make it feel different. If maybe you discover something new, you please let me know…! Eventually, an important thing for me is to create a performance. Every proposition intends to take someone to a different place; even if yes, we sit, we drink, we do the same gestures every day, it still can be a totally different world. Every piece I am creating is about giving a theater performance.


Availability of this edition in France at Fauchon, La Grande Epicerie or Lavinia, in Paris.

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