Design scénique, mise en scène de l'espace, histoires en coulisses

Scenic design, staging space, stories behind the scenes


  • Visions of architecture, the layering effect

    By Madeleine Sounder on 21 May 2014
    At the Parisian gallery SeeStudio, the photographer of architecture Vincent Fillon exposes two views about the layering effect, one from the inside and one from outside. Until May 2014.   The inner perspective of « Entre deux ». (in between) gives the feeling of a ghostly scenery. The series of 8 works proposes an inside story of a historic listed […]
  • Imaginary office stories

    By Laure Carsalade on 15 June 2013
    Office is one the best backgrounds for projections, both supporting imagination and nevertheless very concrete, circumscribed in a materialized object, the desk. According to creative people, we wondered what it could look like, without any purpose of use. In France, philosophy taught us lessons about the importance of staying busy, quoting Voltaire, how “work banishes those three great evils: boredom, […]
  • The giant dancer

    By Madeleine Sounder on 1 October 2010
    The Mina Feingold piece of art has a gigantic impressive size, as high as her ambition to represent the philosophy of its model, the Dervish. Called Monumenta, it expresses the admiration of the special trance giving the sense of equilibrium these profound men community are honoring. Reaching 7 meters, 5.8 times the original maquette, so that it was impossible to […]
  • Art directing space

    By Laure Carsalade on 4 August 2010
    Krijn de Koning has this very special touch in his Art which is much more related to Architecture than Sculpture. Wherever he is called to dwell an historical monument, he is to take visitors in a sensorial experience, authorizing them to walk into the new configuration he designed for the site. He plans a deconstruction in order to, as a […]
  • Japan in Milan, emotional technology

    By Sara-Aurel Delac on 3 July 2010
    2009 Milano’s session gave Japan a major place for exhibitions. The rare ode to lightness reached then was sensible in two places at the Triennale of design. It hosted Kenya Hara’s scenography, the Tokyo Fiber Senseware, which gathered famous names in art, architecture and design, around an experimentation on nanofiber materials in search of applications. These futuristic objects, thanks to […]
  • Lines to follow

    By Laure Carsalade on 15 May 2010
    A retrospective extract from the great Portuguese artistic foundation Calouste Gulbekian made possible to watch the variations of the line from drawings to tridimensional objects: Le fil conducteur (The connecting thread). May in Paris was then the opportunity to admire pieces exploring the expression and materialization of the wire. Evoking words, textile, path, geometry, architecture, the experiment of languages from […]
  • Le laboratoire, a dreams producer

    By Laure Carsalade on 12 May 2010
    The future may be happening… now! It is the proposal of any event host by the unusual space Le Laboratoire in Paris. It mixes together scientists to artists, and here also architecture, the agency R&Sie(n) runned by François Roche, to give an orientation of what could be the concept of programmation for individual inhabitats if only we could get their […]
  • Le Monde, lighting the world

    By Elda Forest on 25 April 2010
    A soft denonciation of the Press censure has been imagined by the French artist Marc Ash in a plane as he was back on a trip after 15 days without official news. The paper Le Monde (so it is titled Eclairer Le Monde – hear Unlight the World) as its cover suddenly was unlighted by the sun upper the clouds, […]
  • Office projection

    By Fulvio Bertocci on 18 April 2010
    A French 15 minutes film is proposed to help people such as professionals in companies who have to deal with space and organization, and students in architecture for example, understand relations between space and work. Si le Bureau m’était conté meaning If the Office was could be told, appears like an amused point of view where workers seem basic puppets […]